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“I want to let you know how pleasing and lovely your design for Ann Marie and Martin’s study turned out. With your design and our craftsmanship, I think that their house has really pulled together well.” human hair wigs
Ridley Wills (contractor)
The Wills Company
6949 Charlotte Pike
Nashville, TN 37209

“What ever would I do without you! This last year plus could have been pure stress but I never worry because I know you will always do what you say and more. I think that our house is the most beautiful and inviting home that I have ever seen in person, books or magazine. It is more exciting and pleasing than I ever could dream.”
Judy Danner
Nashville, TN

"I'm sitting in our beautiful bedroom you created with classical music in the background. It is a wonderful sanctuary. You are a talented designer and I most appreciate the way you listen to what is important to us as you help us make our home more beautiful."
Sue Chilton
Nashville, TN

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